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New member, old old router

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I have a Stanley H-13-B 1/4” router, it is a righteous old tool, but I would like to find a new collet. Any ideas?
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welcome, DH - could you post some photos of what you have ? Is the existing collet broken or just missing ?
Ok actually it’s a Stanley H39-B, the base is the H-13-B. Here’s a couple of photos:
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome. That's a pretty old model. I'd look at for the router model number. But I think you may wind up getting a new router. I've never seen a collet like that one. Maybe someone here knows more.
Welcome to the forum.

If it was me, I would consign that router to the top shelf and buy a new, improved router. Maybe a router that can take 1/4" and 1/2" cutters....
BTW, today's collets look like this one. They are precision tools.
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You may want to check with Bosch, they bought that original design from Stanley. They may have an option that works for you.
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