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New member Pitonyak

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An introduction was recommended, so...

Wood? You find that in trees right? Did I mention that I am new to wood working?

I am well known in the OpenOffice world (OpenOffice is probably the primary competitor to Microsoft Office, and it is free <removed URL>), earn my money using computers, and I have too many hobbies besides my wife and 15 month old daughter.

My web site sees a lot of traffic, but it is mostly related to OpenOffice
<removed URL>

My photo gallery does not:
<removed URL>

I am a certified firearm instructor, which means that I have a few things around the house that I want to lock-up (ammunition, for example). I figured that I would start into wood working for real by building a few boxes (seemed like a nice place to start). I think that I will use finger joints (because ammunition is heavy) so i am looking at jigs and routers (leaning toward the Porter Cable 4212).

I found out about this forum from Chris Billman (see <removed URL>); I followed one of his links. Note that Chris does not know me, I did, however, spend a lot of time checking out his wood working web page (very nice).

I live in Columbus Ohio and work at Battelle.

Note, I removed all URLs because it complained that I included URLs.
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Welcome aboard. You will find a lot of good advice and help here just for the asking. Be sure to check out the Oak-Park site for some of the jigs that go well with the router table. The box joint jig is one of my favorites for sure.
Hi Pitonyak

I like his Web Page(s) he is a pro. but I really like the cartoon on the main page.

By the way WELCOME TO THE FOURM I think you will like it here. :)

We have some members that will get a kick out of seeing the Turnings:
Turned Ornaments,plus the other items in that heading. :)

Bj :)


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Welcome pitonyak. I suggest you click on the blogs link and select Sawdust dreams. This is my blog and it contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about routers, tables and such. URL's can be posted after a short "probationary period". This is not meant to insult but rather to insulate against spammers and the like. Enjoy the forums.
bobj3 said:
Hi Pitonyak

We have some members that will get a kick out of seeing the Turnings:
Turned Ornaments,plus the other items in that heading. :)

Bj :)
Bj.... you must have seen me coming :D

Chris is a very talented woodworker and turner. I have visted his site before and he is a regular on a few other sites I visit. A good all round Joe.... I mean Chris :)
Welcome to the forum community. As far as your issue with links, pretty much you can share links but you are required to have a certain number of posts before you're permitted to share links with the community. It's a system that is in place to fight against website spammers, and it has worked so far :)
There is something in my reply that the system does NOT like so this will be several smaller replies. Sorry about that, but I am not yet certain why the system constantly tells me that I am using URLs. Perhaps if I break them into smaller pieces. hey, maybe it complains about colons. I will strip them and try again. No, it was not the colons.
Think that I found what triggers the system. i used the full name of OpenOffice, which is followed by the final extension. I think that is the problem. sigh, now that was tricky.

I am a moderator on an OpenOffice forum and we have looked at many ways to avoid spammers. This sounds like a good one. Although I am a moderator on the other forum, I am NOT savy on what the forum software allows. It had not occured to me that our system might allow this. Excellent idea.

Regarding Chris's web site.

I enjoyed his cartoon soo much that I printed it to show my Father-In-Law.


I looked up the box-jig from Oak-Park. Very impressive. I am currently researching to see how they might work with a Rousseau portable router table. Will post something in the jig forum. I think that this looks like a much better place to start than with a jig. Excellent advice.


I read "sawdust dreams". Sage advice! I appreciate this very much.

Andrew Pitonyak
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No problem, I believe the you'll be permitted to share links with the community once you hit 10 posts.
Andrew the box joint jig should work just fine on that table. I did a how to install on other than Oak Park table in the How To section or go to the blog section and look at my Wooden Stuff blog, it's on there as well.


W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !!

Welcome pitonyak.
Welcome fellow Ohoian Andrew. Glad you joined our forums. We have many forums to choose from and people from all over the world to help anyway they can. This is very friendly forum and filled with all kinds of nice people. We have beginners to advanced people who are willing to answer your questions.
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