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I recently purchased a Porter-Cable 895PK router, then I found an artcile that says the 895PK has the following problems:

1. lateral deflection in the plunge base
2. backlash in the fixed base height adjustment
3. low-grade bearings in the motor
4. motor windings not varnished

Can anyone verify or refute these problems?

I would post the URL of the article, but when I do, my introduction message does not get posted.

Herb Miller

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HI Herb

Just my 2 cents :)

All in All the PC 895k router is a good one, most router Mfg. try to cut cost in the making of the equipment but when they find out they have made a error they will fix the error with a recall or a free fix or replacement :)

It comes down to the buck, if they can save .10 cents on each item they will try it, and like most Mfg. they don't make all the parts for the router like the bearing so if they get a bad lot and they don't know it until someone tells them but you can be sure once they know they pull them off line.

Net artciles are great but not a hard fast rule ,you can bet if you have a error with the PC they will back it up, PC is not a fly by night tool Mfg.

I would say just use the router and be happy you have a good one. :)

Bj :)

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Herb, You will find people going to great lengths trying to degrade a brand they do not like. None of our members have reported any problems with this router and PC has a long tradition of quality. I have seen claims that "X" brand of plunge router has so much slop it gets up and moves to the next board before making a cut. In reality "X" brand in my hands performed just fine. Measuring backlash on a router? Reality time! A router is not a CNC milling machine and we are working with wood not metal. As long as a router is not dropped and damaged it will perform well; even the $60 home owner versions. You bought a quality product now start enjoying it.
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