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New member to your forum

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I bought my first router today, P-C model 892 and looking forward to reading forums from routing experts like yourselves to pickup on tips and ideas. One of my next woodworking projects is bldging a good size router table. I just finished bldging 4 work benches, one for drill press, one for miter saw, one for sander, and my main 8' long 2" thick solid oak woodworking bench with two vises. My goal is to spend the rest of the winter learning how to use my new router effectively.

Looking forward to continuing reading forums on a daily basis.

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Hello Sliver-Picker and welcome to the forums. While you are doing all that reading, don't forget, if you have a question be sure to post it. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Be safe and enjoy.

the "Doctor"
Welcome to the forums Silver-Picker.
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