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new member with question

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Hi everybody, I'm from Wash. state and only been doing some woodworking for a couple of years since retired. I'm slowly building up my supply of tools.
My question is what type of rail and stile bits do you favor stack type or two piece and what brand in the medium price range. Which is easier to set up.
The bits will be used for cabinet doors.
Thanks for any info ace 01
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Hi Ace01

The ones I like best is the CMT set(s), they are a bit high in price but great bits I also have found a seller on eBay that has some great bits and deals on bit(s) at about 1/3 to 1/2 the price and they are great bit also.
I just order a set from him today for a T & G set that was about 1/3 the price of any one I could find,this is the big set for 1 1/8" thick stock.
The norm is about 80.oo for this set.
Just a NOTE*** I will have this set in my mail box in 3 days, he ships real quick :) this is the 6th order I have place with him.

You want to get a set that is matched that's to say the bits are the same height from the bottom up, this makes the bit change easy and right on every time.
A rubber grommet in the bottom of the collet nut will stop the bit from going to deep in the collet nut.
The key to set them up is the height,once you set one you want the next bit to be right at the same spot in the router table.
I don't recommend the two piece type I have 2 or 3 sets and they just don't do the job right unless you like to sand the doors down to size after you glue them up,I just hate to sand anything down that should be right on after I make the pass with the router bit.

Here's are some links for the bits.
This is the one I like best from sommerfeldtools ▼
I have 8 sets from sommerfeldtools :)
Great deals on router bits ▼

Bj :)
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Welcome Ace. I own a set of bits from Whiteside. I was lucky, I visited my local Woodcraft store just before they moved to a larger building and found the set for 40% off. Even if you had to pay full price for the set, you will never regret buying a quality product. Whiteside is consistantly rated the best bits you can buy. It does pay to shop around. You will often find Whiteside for less than other brands made off shore such as CMT(Italy) or Amana(Israel), both top quality brands.
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