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new member with questions

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I just joined the Router Forum hoping to find some answers to questions as i begin to figure out how the Incra LS positioning rounter fence system actually works. I have limited wood skills and have been focusing on development of my hand tool skills mostly but decided to take the dive into using the Incra System as I have heard so many positive comments about it plus have seen some of the wonderful items people have been able to create using it.

The forum looks like a great resource and look forward to learning new things.
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Welcome to the forum.
I guess one bit of advice I can give is that if you want to take full advantage of an Incra LS Positioning fence is that you need a planer. Many of the fancy joints require precise thicknessing of material. if you don’t have one now is the perfect excuse to do so. Lucky you.

You also need to precisely control depth of cut. Having a router lift will save frustration.

if you have other questions ask away. I love my Incra fences, I have their tablesaw fence too. The picture associated with my user account shows some of the fancy joints you can make using an Incra fence.
WElcome tothe forum, @thorpattersonritz .

Have not used mine for some time, but did find it easy to set up and use...
Welcome to the forum @nafdacblack16635
Hi, nothing to say about the incra, except go to YouTube for videos and the comment about the planer is excellent. I suggest if you get one, that you watch videos, and make a planer sled so you can use the planer to flatten rough hewn stock to reduce your costs.

Oh yes, welcome. We love helping new folks get started in this wonderful addiction.
WElcome to the forum nafdacblack.....
One bit of advice for the Incra system is to use the full-scale pages in the book to find the best dovetail or box joint size & pattern for your particular board width & thickness. You want the cuts to fall completely within the board width, so I will cut a piece of scrap to lay across, or hold a tape measure across, the pages to find the right fit. The board thickness will determine which size dovetails you can use. I get great clean cuts with Whiteside and Freud bits. I would also make initial clearance cuts with a straight bit to minimize the cutting required with the dovetail bits.
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