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I have just registered as a new member. I am retired and living in Miami. I have enjoyed doing part time small woodworking projects, loudspeaker cabinets mostly, for myself for over 40 years.
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Welcome to the forum Horacio - glad you decided to join. You'll find a lot of experienced helpful people here to answer any question you may have. Feel free to participate in the discussions. A good sense of humor will help as well. Until you have 10 posts, you cannot post any links to websites, etc., but you can post pictures from your own computer. It won't be hard to reach 10 posts if you welcome new members and reply to a few posts.

Welcome to the forum, Horacio.
Welcome Horatio!
A fantastic palace here.
Ask anything, answer will be,there is valuable knowledge in this place.
And some Humorous words too.

Read you got interested in speaker cabinet, I'd like to ask:
Did you manage to make high quality speakers systems?
That's one thing I' d like to make.

Got some standard level Japanese things...
I don't enjoy much the boom boom sound they have.
Is there any economy to make by making the box, or should
i go for a standard studio monitor type ?

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Hello and welcome to the router forum,Horacio
Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the forum Horacio, and thank you for your service ;)
Welcome to the forum Horacio.
Welcome to the forum.
Glad you decided to join the fun. With 40 years under your belt, I bet you could teach us a few things.
Welcome Horacio,

You will surely learn so much from the wealth of knowledge available here.

Welcome Horacio, the only dumb question here is the one that isn't asked.
Always pleased to see a new name on the boards.
Thanks Chaps for the warm welcome to the forum.

Gérard, I did build several loudspeaker enclosures for myself. You will save quite a few bucks building your own boxes plus the satisfaction of doing it yourself. The great majority of loudspeakers and audio equipment for that matter are tremendously overpriced, I would say a ripoff, some costing up to £5M, no typo, but nothing will sound like a real live concert no matter how expensive.

You will find the excellent monitor Focal Aria 5 kit, since it is made in France it will be much cheaper than here in the States, there are several French manufacturers such as Audax or JMB that sell kits. I bought kits in the UK at Falcon Acoustics and Wilmslow Audio, they both have websites. Use 3/4" MDF or 3/4" Baltic plywood, it is better than regular plywood.

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1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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