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I have been using the router for several years. My main interest is in
scrollsawing. I use the router in making the bases for my scrollsaw projects.
I would like to learn more about the router and its use.
I use to attend the woodworking shows in Tampa every year. This is where I saw both you Bob and your son giving demonstrations. I missed the last few years but the last one I attended you were not there.
I don't drive anymore due to loss of feeling in my feet so I don't attend these shows anymore.
I hope getting into this workshop will help me into building many new projects with the router.

Be watching and learning,
Joe Gomez
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Hi Joe

You now can get the RWS on your computer from:
The Woodworking Channel on the NET

Just click on the Schedule item listed and you will see what time it runs in your time zone.

Bj :)
Hey Joe, welcome to the forums. This can be the place to learn. You can lurk or you can jump in and ask questions that you have. Be "SAFE" and enjoy.
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