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I am brand new to this world and am attending the Winnipeg Tradeshow this weekend to buy my very first router...PC895PK. I am debating on getting the Bench Dog Pro Max to attach to our table saw for a start.
Glad to be part of your team and like to read answers to other peoples questions as this is how I have been doing my research on items such as dovetail jigs, router tables, etc.
Allison Vince
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Hey! A fellow Winnipeger, welcome to RouterForums. Sadly, I won't be attending the tradeshow, but I think my grandfather and/or father might be. Although, it probably would be a good place to promote, oh well. Spread the word while you are there! :D
Welcome Allison. If you are working in limited space a saw extension router table can be a real blessing. If you are not cramped for space I suggest a free standing router table is a better choice. Plain and simple you can do more with it.
Welcome to the forums Allison. Maybe we can answer some of your questions. Glad to see another of your gender join our group.
Thanks for answering

Say, Thanks for letting me know that you are so close to home...I will keep in touch!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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