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Hi, my name is Jerry. I am 57 and took early retirement due to some health problems. I have always loved wood working. I have just completed an adirondack chair and a base kitchen cabinet. I am looking to earn money building cabinets and other items in my area, central Arkansas. My weakest area, I would say, is use of the router. I have a router table and hand held plunge router. Here to make friends and absorb shared knowledge. I found the site through Wood Working Channel. :cool:
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Welcome. Lots of good stuff here. Tips and the Show and Tell section is great for seeing what can be done. I've often wondered how to do something, planned it out and found my plan to be complicated, and then found a simple solution here and .... well... found myself saying, "duh!".

So have a good time and read everything :)
Welcome to the site. I am enjoying the Router Workshop thru the WWking Channel myself!

Welcome Jerry

Hello Jerry. Welcome to the router forums. This is a great knowledge base and people who are willing to help. If you have a question (no matter how dumb you may think it) ASK. I too love the WWC.
Welcome Jerry. You signed up at a very good time. Good things are coming soon!
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