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Welcome Dennis. You can build a simple circle cutting jig out of 1/4" hardboard or Plexiglas. Cut a section 6' x 8". Remove the base plate from your router and transfer the holes to one end of your material. Drill and attach to your router. Install a 1/4" bit.(since the smaller you make your cut the less work your router has to do) Measure from the edge of the bit 1/2 the size radius you want and drill a hole for a screw or brad. Attach to your project. Make sure you move your router counter clockwise around your OD. Build a "Beam compass" out of 1x2" with a pencil in one end and the same size hole in the other as your jig. Use this to mark your large radius section. To get the kidney shape determine the size you want the end radius to be and drill another hole in your compass and jig and use these for layout and cutting. The "Dealer area" may require a third hole in each. Some people build their jigs with a slot and use a nut and screw to locate along the jigs length but I prefer using individual holes. Remember the holes do not have to be on the centerline of the jig, just a measured distance from the bit edge. I mark the size next to the hole with a permanent fine tip marker.
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