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My name is Dennis, live in Calgary. Recently i had to tear down to studs, and rebuild a sunroom(10'x16' floor area - 32"x80" door, 4'x5' two lite window and 12'x8' three lite window ), because the previous owner used the vapor barrier incorrectly. i made all my own door, base board and window trim, went with a three layered colonial simple round over look, to give the trim depth. My table saw and router worked over time for this project. My current project, is two holdem texas poker tables for my boss, kidney shaped, race track(cup holders) and dealer indent area, i think using the router for the curves may be the best way to go, could use a jigsaw, but the router will give me near perfect curves. The jig, maybe, i will build for the outside curve oppsite the dealer indent area for the kidney shape will be about 10' long(approx) or maybe just setting the router beside a small wood trim slightly bent for the curve. Any suggestions? Sorry i haven't been online all that much, even know i am registered for over a year now, very busy with work in the summer, slow in the winter, but then come the winter projects!! Fun,Fun!!!
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