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Here is my new CNC. It is a MillRight, with rack and pinion motion. Work area of 35" x35". I found a router bracket that fit my Bosch 1617 EVS router, took it to a local machine shop to have it mounted on the Z carriage. This router is not as loud as the screeching trim routers the usually come with CNCs. I had an 80mm dust boot that I had to fabricate a little to fit the router. I have a Shop Smith dust extractor which has a low hum not nearly as loud as a shop vac. The only time I need my ear protective head set is when I run some hardwood. I am playing around with a new idea putting the slab wood into production. Instead of carving the slab, I am carving 3d items and gluing them to the slab. I did this Indian carve, glued, and clamped it to the planned surface of the slab. I like the way it came out. I ran a few small carves that I am working on today. Let my know what you think of this idea. Should I make more, or not? I had to put some wood filler in a couple of spots. When this project is done, nobody will know the difference.


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Very nice that project came out great
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