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New miter saw cart

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Hello all! I haven’t been on the site in a while. Haven’t felt good all year. But things are looking up now, so maybe I can begin visiting again.

I wanted to share some pics of the new miter saw cart I built over the last couple of days. I used a Kreg bench frame for the base, even though I could have built one from 2x4’s. My wife liked the idea of keeping the theme going since I have a large torsion table on top of another Kreg bench, and also the Kreg router table, and I like the heaviness and sturdiness of the frames as well. I’ll definitely continue using them for future tool stands (maybe it’s because they’re blue.....hmm). But I did build the top from Purebond plywood.

It is 4’ long and 22” wide, just enough to span the top one way, and long enough to provide support for most board lengths the other way. I’m planning to order a second clamp for the miter saw, and also use my normal wood clamps, and this way I can hold wood down on both sides of the blade when I cut and keep long boards from falling off. The supports on each side will work for storage as well, and they each have a place where I can mount my work light that is shown in the pics also.


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Something like this?

I have the folding roller stand shown in the second photo, and move it to each machine as needed. The first one may be easier to store though


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