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"New" PC 890 router

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I have the "new" PC 890 router. I am not sure how new that product is but I notice that for some accessory items, edge guide being an example, they are generally available for the 690 but not the 890.

Is it a pretty safe bet to assume that if some accessory is stated to be useful for the 690 it is useful for the 890?
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Call 1 800 487 8665 (customer service). Don't bother posting a question to the website as they have always messaged back to call???????? Maybe they are like the old Maytag repairman and don't get many calls???????

Having one of each I can tell you that the edge guide definitely works, and the same oak park baseplate works. The OEM sub-bases are interchangable, in fact I have one of the 890 clear bases on my 690 router because it will handle my rabbetting bit. I do know that in my case the screws that mount the baseplate to the router are different thread.
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