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New Poker Cigar Lounge.....

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woot I was given a part of the basement for a poker room/cigar lounge, I installed a 110CFM exhaust fan on the outer wall. I also made myself a Bamboo ashtray as you can see I put a place for a couple cutters as well......oh and I made this etiquette sign too

I slapped together a counter height table for a change, just a small 8 man topper stand or sit pretty much same height......

the base I used was a bit jiggly so I took a Free heavy duty desk and repurposed it, oh it had a nice drawer for chips and card ect ect too so that worked out now it is solid....

Care to join me for a cigar anyone?
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What price did you have to pay for the space??
Someone takes their cigars and poker very seriously.....excellent job.
What price did you have to pay for the space??
well that is a tough question, my wife gifted it to me after I completely gutted and renovated our home......
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