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New project

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Hi all,
this is one of my latest projects. It's all solid Oak except the bottom carcasses. the beveled glass for the doors and side panel were especailly ordered for it.

Harry Godau


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Welcome to the forums Harry. Thanks for signing up. By looking at your great hutch there we will be learning a lot from you here. Very nice how long did you have to work that beauty. I really like the finish on it.
Thats really nice Harry. You'll have to enter it in the contest. Great job.

the "Doctor"
Nice piece of work, Harry,,,, like the glass work,,,
building the cabinet took about three weeks, however it was interrupted by an injury for two month. The finish is just four coats of waterbased Urethane.

Harry this is a Fantastic piece of work.What a show piece you have created.I would love to have this in my home.
You should enter this in the Contest.
Great job.
beautiful job. nice detail with the glass.
If my wife looks at that I'm dead meat. Beautifull work
Harry, that's a very nice piece of workmanship!!

I notice in your profile you list "southern Ontario" as home. Just out of curiosity, where? I'm in Windsor.

Very nice piece, I really like it. Great job.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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