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New Resolution (New Years, that is)

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Hello, from Fort Worth, Texas.

I've belonged to this forum for some time now, but I haven't become involved in it. Time just keeps slipping thru my fingers.

My New Years Resolution for 2007 is to get serious about woodworking. (This past year's resolution was to win a radio contest in 2006, but that hasn't happened. lol, I need a Speed Dialer)

I've got a good assortment of tools that I've been accumulating, mostly as gifts from my wife. Tablesaw, Router, Drill Press, Laser-guided Circular Saw. My wife... she really wants to see some woodworking out of me. :) She has her eyes on some loom plans she would like me to build.

I've been always short of time. My resolution is to demand from myself TIME to do my woodworking. My dream is to produce some wooden toys for my new Grandnephew, and maybe some to sell (read: make some income)

So, I'll be concentrating along the Toy lines, not much for furniture.

I haven't done much of anything since my old Wood Shop days in High School (where I built a set of bookcases) I have recently built a step for our travel trailer that is modeled along the lines of a bench in a baseball dugout and painted 'Fenway - Green Monster'. Turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Well, to make some sense of my rambling, what I mean to say is... I'll probably be showing up here a lot, since my powertool expertise is minimal, and my woodworking experience not so much, either. I'll have a lot of questions for you.

See you around!
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Aah! Time. That's the problem StrayBits. Like money, you never seem to have enough! Go for it! :)
Yes! There should be a way to file TIME bankruptcy...and recover some of the time you've lost.

I like your avatar. Grommit, he's an admirable assistant.
Hello StrayBits and welcome to the router forums. Hope to see you around more often.
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