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New Rick, Same Quarantine

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What's going on everyone? I'm new here. Name is Rick, I'm in Ontario, Canada. My pops and I have been getting into woodworking more seriously. Built a workbench, 75% of it with a router - thicknessing, jointing, half laps, mortise & tenons, etc.

I was in a bad car accident, so I don't do as much as beforehand, but I still love keeping up with the information, learning new things, and trying to brainstorm to help pops!

He's big into guitar building - router is a beautiful tool in the electric builds. I joined though, because of the rust removal threads on a few Powermatics and a DJ-15. Hoping to get our General short bed cleaned up nicely as well!

Look forward to being here. Have a good evening people!

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Welcome Rickman - put a First Name in the N/A slot so we can call you by name, OK?

Also want to see some of that workbench you built. Hope you learn something here - I sure have!
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Hello and welcome to the forums Rick...
but according to your icon window yur choosing to be known as N/A...
It also says yur from the United States.. (dual citizenship)???
So.... Welcome to the forums N/A...

we've put some helpful information together at this here link to help you get up and running in the world of routers... We hope it to be useful to you... Enjoy...
do take some time and read the safety PDF's... PLEASE!!!
Blood and trips to the ER, we find, are very annoying... Not to mention – expensive...


There is some information on dust collection at this here link if it you need it...

there's more here at this link on RT's than you'll be able to digest at one sit down (or many)...

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Welcome Rickman - put a First Name in the N/A slot so we can call you by name, OK?

Also want to see some of that workbench you built. Hope you learn something here - I sure have!
Working from the phone ATM, I can't get the details area to load to make the edit. The name is Rick!

Everything is in disarray in the garage right now, but I'll post a quick shot tomorrow!

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Hello and welcome to the router forum, Rick
Welcome to the forum, Rick!

We do like photos so show us your shop, tools, projects, etc. whenever you're ready. What sort of woodworking are you planning or doing? We'd love to see your bench.

I would love to see your dad's guitars if you can share them. I built my first acoustic last year and posted some of the build here - First acoustic build - and they're a blast to build!


Here are some photo posting tips if you’re using your phone or iPad – the best way for proper orientation is to shoot landscape (widescreen). Rotate your phone or iPad CCW for proper orientation. If you want your photos to be portrait then open the photo in a viewer on your computer, rotate it to the orientation you want, then save it in that orientation. It will be correct when you upload it to the servers here. If you’re shooting video please shoot widescreen like our monitors, not portrait.

The best way to post photos in line with your text is to use Go Advanced below the Quick Reply window. If you’re starting a new thread then you’re automatically in the Advanced editor. Click on the Paper Clip on the ribbon bar and that will bring up a dialogue box where you can browse to your photos. Upload them and then put your cursor where you want a photo, hit the dropdown beside the Paper Clip, and choose the photo you want inserted. If you have several photos and just want them at the end of your text then put your cursor at the end and hit the Insert All on the dropdown list of photos.

Always post a photo rather than a link; most folks won't click on a link.

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Hi Rick. Glad you decided to join the fun, and most of us older guys here would LOVE to be passing on their skills and tools to sons like you. I've attaced a pdf on the 18 or so things that helped me speed up the learning curve on woodworking. I hope it helps you avoid some of the mistakes I've made.

Stick and I have a slight diagreement on dust collection machines. I'm a fan of the Harbor Freight unit because it is much cheaper initial purchase, and dust collection IS A BIG DEAL. With the current and frequently offered 20-25% off the price. Got two for my split shops for $162 each. Good starting point, more info in the attached pdf.

The pdf covers a lot of items and is about 10 pages long, but it does have pictures. Read Stick's posted pdfs because they're as good as any text on the topic. And do make your own router table. It's really easy to do, and will save you enough to pay the difference and get yourselves the best possible table saw. The table saw (TS) is the number one shop tool. Period. Ask before you plunk your money down for any new tools. You can get a lot of suggestions here, lots of expertise on how to do stuff.

If you make your own table, consider making it two layers thick. Cut a hole in the top for a mounting plate to sit, a smaller opening to let the plate rest on. I've included a couple of pictures of a plate and the Kreg leveling screws that go in the corners. Leveling the plate to exact table height is very important. You can spend a lot of money on accessories that make no serious difference. There are many joints you can make with a table saw or a decent router. Learn to do those joints first and make stuff. Making stuff is the VERY BEST WAY to learn this addiction.

That accident sounds like it was serious. I worked for decades with doctors who provided rehab for the visual disturbances that come with head injuries. It that's a factor for you, I'll add someplaces you can go to check it out. Several of the doctors I worked with were doing closed head injury rehab for the U.S. Army and Marines.

I added a drawing of a 2 layer router table, MDF underneath for flatness. And a picture of a shop made table. Was the top with Johnson's wax, NO SILICON!!! and buff the heck out of it. The shop made table also has a shop made fence. Let's see, commercial table $200-$350. Make your own table $15. Buy a commercial fence $125 - $200. Make your own fence with a really flat 2x4 or 6, $2. Make a fancy one with 90 degree support blocks, maybe $10. Let's see, that will pay for either a nice Bosch 4100 table saw, or a Bosch 1617 EVSPK router kit, pretty much the go to choice around these parts.


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Welcome to the forum fellow Canadian. Good name by the way :)
Morning Rick. Sounds like the Woodworking Duo. It's great that your dad is in this with you. Great hobby and often times a solitary one. My son has gotten into woodworking and most of that came from his seeing what I'm doing and having a house that needs some TLC. Unfortunately he's 3.5 hours away so not a just drop by situation. Having that father/son time is priceless and having a common interest like this really builds on that bond. Sorry to hear about your accident. In case I forgot, WELCOME to the group. Try to stump this collective with you questions and you'll likely find that difficult. There are a bunch of talented guys and gals here more then willing to share their knowledge and ideas. Post your pictures when you can and ask away.
Welcome from Montreal Rick
What a wonderful welcome! Thanks everyone. I'll respond to individuals shortly, because there were a few points to note. I'll post a thread with the workbench build going on. Everything is up in the air right now, so bare with the "incomplete" nature of just about everything

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so bare with the "incomplete" nature of just about everything
no worries...
that's seems to be an MO here...
Hi R. B. and welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the Router Forums Rick.
Welcome to the forum Rick.
G'day Rick, welcome to the forum.
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