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New Router Bits..........

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I got some new bits for Christmas; and they have a protective coating on them. Do I remove it before using the bits? Or can I run some test pieces to do that. I'm assuming I have to [carefully] remove the coatings myself, or trying to remove it on test pieces will "gum" up the bits..
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If the coating is what I think it is, it is there to protect the freshly sharpened (in this case freshly new) bits from any exposure to the elements or any bumping against them in transit. Yes, remove the covering before use. Sure, it'll come off the first time the wood hits it, but the small bits might end up in your router.
Safety first, remove the coating before you mount router bits. Flying particles in the shop is not a good thing.
Hi: Remove the coating on the bits by slicing through it with a knife placed between the non-cutting edges and peel the coating away. If you brought a sandwich to eat for lunch would you leave on the tin foil, and just eat through it??
Wood nut65 thanks just sent shivers down my spine with that comment about eating foil eek. That is what I do I cut the plastic off before use I did learn the hard way though the very first time. I used a brand new bit with the coating on good thing it didn't hit me it stuck in to the wall that was 2 foot away.
The plastic coating is only there to protect the edges until you use it, One nick in the edge transfers to the piece of wood you are shaping.
If you dont have a proper holder for your router bits and you just want to lay them in a drawer after you use them..Wrap the cutting edge with masking tape., to protect them.

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