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Well, I am a new user and have a little experience with Routers but consider myself a novice Router user. I recently purchased a M12V and am planning to mount it in my "Bob and Rick" Oak Park Table. One question I have is: Since I presently have a 1619EV mounted would it be advisable to buy additional base plates for my other Routers or just switch the plate from Router to Router? Also, what is the material used for the fences, jigs ect.?
I live in southeast Kansas and across the road from me is a sawmill. I have helped the operator of the mill and have free pick of whatever wood I want. All the lumber is kiln(solar kiln) dried and as I earlier stated free.
Thanks for letting me utilize this forum.
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Welcome to the forums! Glad you decided to join.
Welcome to the forums glynnm45.
Sounds like a terrific deal, all the free wood for the creative, industrious mind!! Wow! Enjoy!!
Greetings and welcome to the router forums, we are glad to have you join us.
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