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I bought my first router based on the advise of a friend, Bosch 1618-19 combo. Does a fine job for handheld operations for a begineer, althoguh long term I want something that is not so finicky. Have had to replace the motor (through warranty THREE TIMES IN THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF.)

I felt it was too lite duty for table use, plus i wanted a dedicate table router. I read all I could find from users who did blogs, post etc. ( I just discovered this site), and pretty much followed the same steps as outlined above. Plus I had the chance to actually use the router I was considering.

I went with the PC 7518, did not think about changing bits since it was going in the router table full time.

So now I needed a lift. Again back to users input, since they will tell you what is right with the unit and what is wrong with the unit. The I went and played with them, thoguh about it, went and played agaAIN. One of the places i went was rockler, since I had thier dust collection box, but the lift into the table with the dust box, and played a bit. Talked to a couple of woodworker shopping there while I was plasying.

when it was all said and done, PC 7518, bench dog lift with cast iron plate, mounted in the router table in the end of TS. I am very happy with my set up, should have start from the begining, so i got spend extra money on stuff I could no longer use or take back.

I am a slow learner, so I never seem to start at the begining, always in the middle and have to stop, tear down and then start at step one. Wish I had found this website earlier. It is full of great info and suggestions.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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