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No one can say you didnt do your homework on this one. Congrads on the new router.
What i get out of this post is how hard it is to vote for a router for somebody else//We all look and feel for something a bit different.
I have 4 routers and while the one i have in the table does a good job, i wouldnt want to use it handheld..Its heavey and clumsy feeling.
I also have a 694 PC and 690 with a D handle.thats is ok to use handheld but i prefer using the bosch. I have all the Dust collection for it and template bushings. Also edge guide that can be used as a circle guide.
So i have no excuse for not having the right router to do the job.

Good quaility Bits are very important. Why spend Big $$$ on a quailty router and put cheap bits in it..waste of money and i think it just puts more stress on the tool.
I spend the extra money and buy Freud , FS tool or Dimar

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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