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New Router = New Questions

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I've been looking for a 3+ HP router to stick in my table. To take some pressure off of my 2.25 HP router. Sunday on Amazon I found the Hitachi M12V2 for $160 delivered. But upon ordering they offer a free trial of Amazon Prime Which gets you overnight shipping for $4. It shipped yesterday, got it today.

Hitachi's website states that this model easily converts to table use. Was'nt sure what that meant but I found out (on this forum) that instructions are included to remove the springs. They are, but the plunge action and fine adj. are so smooth and easy to use, I will probably leave them in. My table is not quite deep enough but I can add another layer of mdf to solve that. Now to my ?'s.This thing looks like it might barely fit thru the hole in my table mounted diagonally to my 9x12 plate. Speed control is in handle so I can't remove them. Anyone have issues with this model on a 9x12 plate ? Or since I'm changing the top, any recommendations on a larger plate? Also any tips on aligning the router to the plate? The template guide adapter mounts directly to the the router inside the sub base which surrounds it. Sub base is D- shaped and the screw holes do not go all the way the router base. Thanks
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Hi Rusty,
Doesn't your 9 x 12 base plate have an insert ring that accepts template guides? If so you won't need the adapter on your router. As for aligning, Woodcraft sells an alignment kit from Rousseau for a couple of bucks.
Yes the plate accepts guides and I do have a couple alignment pins. I used that method on the previous router and marked the plate thru the holes but these don't go all the way thru. I may set it up with the pin and T-guide then trace around the base. Then remove the sub base to mark the hole locations thru it. Should be close enough if use the guide and pin again when I attach it to the router.
Using the sub-base for a hole template will work. You just have to make sure the holes are located so as to orient the router in the position you want it on the table.
Hi Rusty

Take a look at the links below they will help with your question(s) :)


Oak-Park router system ▼
NOTE**** ▼
"Hitachi M12V NOT the new M12V2, no plate available for the M12V2 at this time;"
Take the time to view the link below for the Rousseau Router base plates.

Bj :)
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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