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I ordered this in August 2016 as a preorder. I received it two days ago. From the time that I placed the order until now things have changed in my life. Most significantly I retired. The worlds first handheld CNC router. It uses machine vision and micro-adjustments to the routers position to allow you to "hand trace" even the most complicated shapes / patterns down to .01" accuracy.

Shaper Origin (with Festool designed spindle)

T-handle Allen key
2 150’ Rolls Shaper Tape (tracking tape)
Dust removal hose and adapter
Clear dust extraction hood.
3 bits : Engraving V bit, 1/8" spiral upcut, 1/4" spiral upcut
Accessory bag
Systainer box

I am asking $2200 Shipped. Thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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