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[/B][COLOR=RedAfter upgrading my trapshooting equipment, I decided that I should upgrade the woodworking shop. For a table saw, I selected a Firestorm FS219LS, this replaced an 20 year old Craftsmen. I now have a Delta 6 inch variable speed bench jointer. Replaced a 4 inch Craftsmen jointer.
Two new books in the library, both by Byll Hylton. Router Magic and Woodworking with the Router. Must be a million jigs to look at.
The one jig that The Router Workshop used that can't be beat, is the self centering Mortise jig. Which I have built from plans provided by Bobi3. Thanx for the plans. The only change I made was I went with pine wedges.
I was planning on getting a planner, but read that a planner will not take the warps out of a board. I have a lot of black walnut boards that my trapshooting buddy gave me.
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