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New to.. Everything?

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Hello, so I am new to woodworking. Although I've done some projects before they were really amateur and I've basically just got rid of most of them.
I'm on the welfare disability side over here in Henderson, Nevada, so not really earning anything to where I can start off with a bang, looking to buy stuff as I can without going broke each month. I guess that's an Impossible Dream? :LOL:

But my motivation to get into this comes from wanting to build like a semi-portable art/drawing table/storage station where I can put down all my supplies when I'm not being
creative. I am hoping to make it as portable as possible.

Also looking to build a modular computer desk.. this one now is giving me a hernia every time I need to move it! 😩

Anyways someone handed me a used Delta 6" jointer, a RYOBI table scroll saw, and a Delta Table Saw, and some roller stands.
It appears they also gave me enough wood to build something!

I'm hoping at some point I get my hands on a full size planer..but that's just a dream within a dream (but sure would be nice!)

It's hot here and I guess it's getting hotter with El Nino... So I expect to be working out in the shaded heat. Either that or wait until it cools off.
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum, @krazeeartist

Thank you for joining us, .

You will find many on the forum, from hobbyists
to professional with similar interest in the router and its uses.

Take the time to learn how the forum works and ask any questions you want.

Try to post your question in the most appropriate section as not all members
read the Introductions section.

The members are only too happy to help.
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Glad you joined the group. Lots of people on tight rations. Just stick with small projects and work on getting them to look great. It's OK to make things a couple times, you learn each time. You are likely to be looking out for used tools. Working outdoors has one advantage, less sawdust will go down your windpipe. You have enough stuff to make a basic modular desk, art supply cases involve drawers, You can make simple ones with your table saw. But you need to watch some YouTube videos on setting it up. I had a Delta saw for several years. I very carefully set it up so the blade, miter slots and the fence were parallel. The far end of the fence should be angled ever so slightly away from the blade so your work doesn't get trapped. A few thousandths will do, a couple of hair's width.

Use some 2x4 blocks with a little piece tacked on one end to push your work through and keep your hands away from the blade. A well set up table saw can get a lot done for you. Do use full kerf blades, they are 1/8th inch wide and you can do some really fancy things running a piece through several times.

Two things to make the table saw sing. A great blade. I like the 10 inch Freud Glue Line rip blade. Every fourth tooth has a flat tip, so it makes a flat bottom, the other teeth are angled and produce a baby bottom smooth cut. The second is a Wixey digital angle gauge, available from Amazon for about $30. With it you can set the blade exactly 90 to the table, or any other angle, with precision. If you are making cases, having the blade a 89 degrees will make it impossibe to assemble parts. Ask me how I know. Here's a picture of the Wixey digital angle gauge, the other is the blade. The blade works just as well for cross cuts. I popped for the industrial version, more carbide on the tips so it can be sharpened many times, more than the red, consumer version shown.
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I've noticed a lot of guys new to the craft buy a sliding miter saw, but they are not necessarily worth it. I could get by with a well calibrated chop saw. It's mostly for cutting to length unless you're putting up ceiling molding with multiple, compound angle cuts.
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