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New to forum from Medicine Hat, Alberta

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Hello everyone! Been making dust on and off for the past 25 years. Worked out of the basement for many years and finally built a small shop in the backyard in 1998, then again in 1999, then again in 2000. They just never seem to big enough. I enjoy building boxes and designing/building my own furniture. I use my Routers in nearly every project that I make, certainly one tool you can't do without.

I am preparing to build my first shop built Router Table. I have not really found one plan that suits me, so my plan is to combine features from a couple Tables, on was featured in the American Woodworker a few years back. Any suggestion would be appreciated. This table will hold my Hitachi M12V. I have a couple Craftsman routers as well one will be mounted in my TS extension the other sits in a small benchtop router table for now.

Look forward to learning to maximize the use of my Routers.

Thanks for having me.
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Welcome to the forums Wood in the Hat. Glad to have you.
Hello Wendall, welcome to the forums. Glad to have another dust maker join us. I'm sure you can get some ideas for your table here. Welcome.

the "Doctor"
Wendall, its great to have you on the forums. Do you have any pictures of projects that you've recently completed?
welcome to the forums,Wendall.
Oh yeah I have pictures. One might end up in the contest.
That sounds great! I look forward to seeing your entry.

If I could only figure out how to attach a picture I would enter. Tehinstruction link on the contest page is dead.

Sorry about that, I just fixed those links. Thanks for pointing it out.
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