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Was an apprentice cabinet maker in late 70s life caught up and now have more time to piddle, Late father left a Craftsman Professional Router Table still in box model 171.254831 without making an adapter plate myself anyone with an idea on new router model that will fit or company that makes adapter plate for this model would be most appreciated.

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Welcome ROD1998!! I'm also new here. Just joined today
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Hello and welcome to the router forum Rod
Welcome to the forum Rod.
Welcome to the forum @Atoolman50
Welcome to the forum both of you :)
Welcome to the forum Rod. If I'm understanding the question correctly it's about mounting a router to the table. If so the manual should show you where the router mounting holes are located in the top and matching those, usually a variety of them to fit many routers, to the router you want to use. It's been more than a few years since I had a Craftsman table but if I remember correctly you removed the plate from the bottom and mounted using the screw directly to the underside of the table. You'll want to be sure the collet is centered, Bosch and a few others make a centering cone that goes in the collet so brand shouldn't be an issue.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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