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I am from London ,Ontario ,Canada and am still somewaht of a novice to woodworking. As a Minister I find after dealing with so many individual problems with so many people that woodworking is probably the gretest stress buster going. After dealing with some of these problems I go to my work shaed with a piece of wood and I may only end up with shavings but does it ever feel good. Also can someone help me with the problem I have that I own a dovetail jig nad have yet learned how to use it. I am really interested in learning how to make dovetails for box's etc.
Thank you.
Pastor Troy
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Welcome Troy. You'll find lots of good advice right here and I'm sure you'll get a reply to your dovetail jig query from the more experienced guys.
Welcome Troy. Post your question under "Jigs and Fixtures" and be sure to include the brand and model you own. There are many responses to dovetail jig questions already, you may find what you need by browsing back through them.
Troy, welcome to the community!
Hi Troy or Pastor Troy. Welcome to the forums. I seem recollect another man who was a carpenter, and he too spread the word. Glad to have you with us.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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