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Hi ! Just checking in.

Has anyone know when the 3 part Hurtch sereies will be shown again ?
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Hi Richard

You may want to take a look at the link below,it may help.
Check with your local PBS station.

"The Router Workshop" on PBS

Bj :)

1302-1304. Plate Hutch and Server (three parts)
*****Plans for this series are not available ******

This three-part project has many interesting router procedures.
Angled and shaped legs that are part of the cabinet casework become the frame for the full sized drawer in the bottom server. Dovetails hold the drawer front to the drawer sides.
A laid down wide molding on the server top and on the base of the plate hutch tie the two together and produce a pleasing appearance.
The plate hutch has three shelves with plate slots to display china plates along the back of the shelves.
Cups and saucers can be set in front of the plates.
The ends of the hutch are pattern cut.
Watch Bob and Rick Rosendahl craft this beautiful dining room piece on episodes #1302, #1303 and #1304 of the TV series, the Router Workshop.
1302. Plate Hutch and Server, Part 1
1303. Plate Hutch and Server, Part 2
1304. Plate Hutch and Server, Part 3
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Richardk, W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !!
Welcome to the forums Richard. Glad to see you post a question.
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