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Hi all! I'm new to the forum and a relatively novice wood worker. Mainly been doing projects for some furniture that my wife and I want for our house, as we have a somewhat different style from what is typically available from stores. Also, I really enjoy the work :). I'm starting a project, a dining room table, that I'm going to post soon about. Would love friendly suggestions and tips.
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Welcome to the forum.
Hi Todd, Building furniture is fairly advanced work, congratulations for taking it on. I don't have any space in the house for another stick of furniture. I think we'd love to see some of your projects, you can easily post pictures directly from your computer, you put the cursor where you want the picture to go, then click the little picture icon next to the camera icon, then drag and drop the picture into the popup box. Glad you decided to join the fun. Nice, helpful people here.
G'day @ToddM , welcome to the forum.
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