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This is my first post to Router Forums. I have been occasionally checking in to get great insight, advice and opinions from everyone on various topics. I am a professional woodworker, designing and building handcrafted furniture, so this forum is a great asset for information for me.
I'll be posting in the near future on some of my own insights and projects. My first will be my recently completed Router Table Cabinet for my Incra LS Positioner. Take a look at it and see what you think.
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Hello Michael and welcome. I believe if you are trying to post, that you will need 10 post before you can post pics. This stops most spam mer, or trouble makers. Thank you for joining us. We need people like yourself that know what they are doing. You will find the nicest folks here than any other forum. Will you also add your where abouts on the profile page. It helps us to recognize you and help you better.
Welcome aboard and what is your favorite wood to work with?
Welcome to the RouterForums Michael.
Greetings Michael and welcome to the router forum. Your post showes up in your gallery, but not here yet.
Very nice looking table Michael. Should be a pleasure to use.
Where is Flourtown, PA?
New to forum


Thanks for the friendly greetings. I look forward to posting, as well as reading what everyone else is doing.
Answers to a couple of questions:
Favorite wood? Don't have a particular preference; mostly depends on the furniture piece I am building for a client. I do like mahogany, walnut, white QS oak, purpleheart, cherry. Haven't done too much with most exotic hardwoods, but have a couple of designs that I'd like to make out of something new.

Flourtown is located just outside of Philadelphia proper, near Chestnut Hill.

Once again, thanks for the warm welcome. Check out my post on my new router table cabinet for the Incra LS Positioner.

All the best,
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