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New to routing

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It is time for me to step up my woodworking skills to include routing. This month I completed a 2 year 'gut and remodel 'of my 3 story home in Brooklyn.
I thought I'd be able to " kick back" for awhile and enjoy my work. About 2 weeks ago, I came across this site and was drawn in hook,line and sinker.
I just bought a DEWALT DW618B3 router combo. (Thanx to insights I read on this forum. I look foward to learning alot from you guys and gals, I only hope that in a few years my skill level reaches a point that I can help someone else. Thanx in advance to anyone who can answer my basic begginer question I'm sure to have.
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Thanx Sam,
I have alot of 6" white oak plank flooring left over from my home renovation. I was thinking of making some draws out of them. I want to try rabbet-and-dadoing the corners. I'm not sure how a hardwood like this will react to my routing . Any tips? Or do you recommend me starting with something alittle bit easier like pine.
Welcome to the forums Bruno. Be safe and enjoy.

the "Doctor"
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