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Hello everyone,

I recently got into wood working and I am still getting all my tools sorted. My table saw arrived a few days ago and it is a Bosch 635-216.
I am very satisfied with how it works and I have made some test cuts in preparation for my new project. I got a router Bosch POF 1400 which works like a charm.

I have 2 question, with other one being a cry for help.
1) Does anyone know what the Additional Parallel Guide is used for and how to use it? I only know how to mount it.
View attachment 400195
2) I have wood pieces of various lengths with profile 45x30mm. I need the profile to be like the shape in the attached picture. Does anyone have any tips for me in what order to do the cuts? Some are very narrow and it happened once that a wood piece fell during cutting and I got little kickback.
View attachment 400196
Thanks in advance for the help.
You b could also try Woodworkingtalk
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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