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New to the forum, back into woodworking

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Guys, I finally joined...after reading though a lot of the posts researching router tables.
Long story short, I did woodshop back in my high school days, tinkered with it at times off the next few decades before really getting into it heavily the last few years.
I've got one router so far, Bosch 1617. But look at finding a good router table set up. I'm open to getting a 2nd router, espeically if I need to go ahead and put a 3+ hp in it.

Unfortunately building one (while preferable) would be a lot more challanging...I'm an hour plus from anywhere that actually sells Baltic Birch or even MFD. Stores here only carry pressure treated and construction grade lumber, and while I do have 1 great hardwood supplier I still strike out on the needed goods. With the winter weather, driving down a major highway for over an hour with a full sheet in the back of the truck isn't something I care to do right now.
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My BB source is about an hour away too. But driving the freeway with a 5x5 sheet or two of ply isn't my idea of fun. I have to be on the freeway for a certain portion of the drive, and while I've done it, it makes me very nervous, so I get 2-4 sheets at a time and tie them down, covered with a tarp to keep the sun from turning them yellow. That way I have them around when the inspiration strikes. Learned about the turning yellow thing the hard way. You can't get its finish to look like a fresh sheet. I've found MDF at a big box store, but I hardly use any of it so a partial sheet of MDF is plenty.

If you are getting a router for the table, check out the Triton TRA001. Powerful and has a built in lift. I really enjoy using mine in the table, but it's too top heavy for my old hands to control freehand. Check Marc Sommerfeld's videos on YouTube, he uses one and his technique is really good. He is in the router accessory and bit business, but he was a cabinet maker for years before that and his videos show simple but effective ways to do cabinetry.
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What's the BB for?
Welcome to the forum.
If you want to build one then here is a link to Amazon where you can get a top for $64 dollars delivered. I would rather it be a little wider but it would do. The 4 foot length is an ideal length. Be sure that you add feather boards and a miter slot. If you have any used office furniture stores near you check for a modular desktop.
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Welcome to the forum Dave. Other then the top you can make the cabinet out of most anything including construction grade plywood. I wouldn't necessarily use Baltic birch plywood for a shop project. If you have a Lowe's or Home Depot they will have a good enough grade plywood to do the job. For that matter the stand itself can be made with dimensional lumber like 2x4's and such but the top and fence need to be strong and straight. For me I built the Norm Abram's style router table and bought the fence and phenolic top. But there are plenty of plans to build your own.
Thanks everyone for the responses!
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