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New to the forum from Westchester New York

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Hello my name is Freddy New to the forum and Cnc machines no nothing about them but hoping to make some new friends and maybe I might be able to help someone along the way...Nice to meet the forum.
Thank you

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Hi Freddy and welcome to the Router Forums family mate. Lots of knowledgeable people here that can lend a helping hand on anything, wood related or not. So enjoy your stay and look forward to seeing some of your projects.
Cheers, Tom.
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Welcome to the forum Freddy.
Hello and welcome to the router forum Freddy
Welcome to the forum Freddy
Welcome Freddy. There are a fair number of CNC users here so I suspect you'll find any needed assistance should it arise. We do very well with pictures to. Sometimes a picture helps explain things a bit clearer when trying to resolve an issue or prevent a problem.
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Hi Freddy and welcome. When you get a chance go into your account settings and change N/a to Freddy so we can refer to you by name when we answer you.
Hi, welcome to the fun. Some pretty good discussions on CNC have been posted recently.
Welcome to the Router Forums Freddy.
Welcome. Lived in Queens 1962-1965. Miss the food in New York!
I came from Peekskill, but I'm a long way from there now.

Welcome to the forum.

G'day Freddy. Welcome to the forum.
Hey Freddy,
I am also new to this forum..hope to have a good experience ahead. :)
Hi, I think I missed your earlier post. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your participation.
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