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Hello All,
My name is Sammy.
I am a mechanical engineer and have been in the mechanical design arena for around 30 year.
I enjoy Woodworking, Glass Etching, Scrollsawing and computer design (all in 3D CAD).
I just bought a Bosch 1617 evs and I think I have an issue with it, which gave me a good reason to ask an online question and that lead me to this nice forum.
I hope I can contribute to the forum and get answer to woodworking questions.
Thank you
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Sammy I just answered your Bosch router collet question. Welcome. There are some pretty knowledgeable people as well as a lot of newbies. Both are needed and welcomed. I am on several other forums for various things and this one has the best and most active participants.
Hi Sammy and welcome. You'll like it here. It's a very friendly place.
Hello and welcome to the router forum Sammy
Welcome to the forum, Sammy! Glad you're here and we're looking forward to your participation in discussions. You can show photos of your projects whenever you're ready.

Welcome to the forum Sammy :)
Sammy, Welcome to the Router Forum. It's a great place to learn, to ask questions and to have an idle chat occasionally. A lot of good hearted banter as well. You'll like it.
Welcome along Sammy, I'm one of the newbies here too, and I love this forum. Great people willing to share their experience here, it has really helped me.
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Welcome to the forum Sammy.
Should mention that we love pictures :D

As a mechanical engineer, I’m curious where you worked Sammy . Or Is it top secret stuff?
Welcome to the Forum, Sammy...
Hi Sammy, Glad you decided to join the fun. Sorry to hear of the 1617 problem, but Bosch is very good at handling stuff like that. It's always interesting to see the projects engineers come up with. Precision in woodworking is challenging, and although I get fussy about precision, it's always interesting working out how to deal with the reality of wood--it moves.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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