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Hello everyone, new to this forum, but been around wood working and fabrication a long time. My grand father was a logger and ran a saw mill years ago, the old saw mills where they pulled trees with mules, and tractors, the other tinkered the wood wood working. I still have his workbench, old band saw I rebuilt and still use regularly. I have gathered a pretty good assortment of equipment over the years. Recently purchased a millwright mega v, put it together in my living room, and built a work bench for it where it is sitting now in the garage. Got it homing ,and jogging, then realized the trial software I had been learning to use had to be purchased before I could really use it,:). In a few more days I'll have hopefully.
I really enjoy learning from folks like you all with real experience that do not mind sharing it with us take are learning. Who says Old dogs can't learn new tricks. I like a challenge , and have tremendous patience with most things like wood working... I am a daily Bible reader , and I believe it all. I want to carve some scriptures with v carve pro to start with when I get it. I want to teach my grand children this stuff as well when they are ready. Oh, I might be the only person you know that has not had a haircut or shaved at all in around 9 years. Got the Moses look! That is another story :) .
Thanks for being here to help us ,and I will be glad to help as I can as well,
Have a blessed day,
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Hello and welcome to the router forum, Ray
Welcome to the forum Ray.
Nice you joined the fun.
Welcome aboard Ray. You'll find a wide array of woodworkers here.
Thank you all, I am from Tennessee, I appreciate it . Short story of what pushed me back into wood working. A few years ago my wife and I had a little yorkie named Bob, registered named Bob the bullitt. He could fly across our back yard too, he had a personality like no other. We had Bob a long time after he had been purposely left when the owners, just left him, he ended up with us. Bob got sick in his last several months with actually two types of cancer, which he was getting treatments for weekly, but the cancer finally took it's toll on his little body. We took him to our vet, after we decided we got to do this, he is not getting any better. We took Bob straight to a local funeral facility, we took him straight there, where they cremate, and had him cremated. This was tough! When we went to get him a few days later, I asked, fully expecting, hoping for something better than the small box his ashes were in. They came out with some small wooden boxes that looked like they were made out of scraps, and dry wall screws in 1st grade wood shop. I was kind it about too, but told her I would make one myself for Bob, my little buddy. I told them I would make some for them as well, when I got it right. This has pushed me back into wood working, like for a cause besides making a buck or two, and setting myself up with better equipment to do the things, and continually push to try to do better, even in my older years, :).
A few days I will be in a position to get V carve pro { purchased version, not the trial version}to get the mill wright mega v going, teaching me new found patience. Then very shortly afterwards, we decided we need a bigger electrical panel to run this equipment too. I also want to carve scriptures from the Bible, witch I think v carve pro, and the mill wright cnc will do great !
The v carve pro is easy to learn, with what I see are limitless possibilities, after assembly of the mill wright cnc mega v in my living room, then building a work station for it, homing it, jogging it, etc.
Looking forward to learning from you folks,
Have a very blessed day,
( did I mention I am old and hardheaded, I was defibed three times on one spring afternoon. I spent three and half weeks in coma. I now have two plates, eleven screws holding my neck together and covering the side of my head where my skull was crushed. By the grace of God I am still here! )
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