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New to the forum

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Hi to everybody:

I`ve found this place some days ago and think is great.

I live in Mexico City. I`m 52 and a financial advisor for trade.

Here in Mexico while we do have a tradition on DIY we don`t have formal means to learn to do thinks, we don`t have experienced peoplo who wants to share their knowledge and expertice, so I allway look for information outside my country. One of my dreams is to create some kind of comunity here in Mexico to share experiences and knowledge, but that have to wait `till I cand find others to do it. In the mean time I want to learn all I can from people like you and others.

Hope I can share with you part of my experiences.


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Hola Ferlopag! Our members are happy to share their knowledge and assist others with their projects.
Welcome Ferlopag. Hopefully you can get some of the help you are looking for here!

Hello, Ferlopag, welcome to!
Welcome Ferlopag to the forums.
Thats a good point you make Ferlopag, my Grandad tuaght me all he could about woodworking before he kicked the bucket and I had to learn by trial and error since then...I have only been on this forum a couple of days and have learnt truckloads!...not to mention at least 3 ideas for some really usefull projects just from browsing the posts
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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