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New to the forum

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My name is Greg and I live in Ks. I am building a teardrop trailer and have/will be using my router extensively for this project. I hope to find some tips on using the router as well as asking questions.

I was directed here by a member of a forum I belong to for Teardrop builders.

Bye for now,

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Hi Greg!

W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !!

What a COOL project! Really looks like FUN to build and to use! :) :)

I think you'd learn a few good techniques from The Router Workshop shows, currently on ... a good show... I've learned a lot from them!

It would be nice if you could share your project with us (links to other places or here).

I remember seeing those little trailers years ago... didn't really see HOW they were laid out and used... really look COOL!
Welcome to the forums Greg. Teardrops sounds like a great project. They are a neat little trailer. I have seen pics of some that are awesome. Maybe you would post pics of yours in progress.
Welcome to the forums!

Thanks for the greetings. I will post some pics of my project soon.
Hey welcome to the community! :D
Welcome aboard Greg and looking forward to seeing the camper pictures.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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