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My name is Rick, I live in Idaho and have been teaching myself woodworking
with the help of Bob and Rick's Router Workshop program and other Woodworking shows for about 5 years know. My hobbies are of course woodworking and a little golf thrown in. I work at a GM car dealership in the parts department. I hope to learn even more through the Forum.

Buy the way does anyone know why there havent been any new Router
Workshop shows for the last 2 years?

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Welcome Rick. There are no new shows because there is no sponsor. You should be able to view the show in reruns on cable or on the web at
Good things are happening and you will be hearing more from Bob and Rick this summer.

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Good to have you with us Rick.

We have been thinking of passing the collection plate around the membership to see if we could get enough funds to sponser Bob and Rick for a few new episodes. :D
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