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New to the group.

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Hello All,

I am here to learn mostly. I will contribute when I can. I want to get better using routers and my woodwork in general. I am mostly self taught, so I can get "stuck" sometimes when things don't go as expected.

It looks like there is a lot of information here, I look forward to making good use of it.

I am retired, and live in Las Cruces, NM. I have been working with wood since I was a kid and leather for almost that long.

There seems to be a lot of positive attitude here, and I like that.

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Morning Bill, Glad you decided to join the fun. This is a pretty cheerful place and a helpful bunch as well. Sounds like you've gained a lot of experience over the years. What kinds of stuff do you like to make.

A fella named Stick will likely be along shortly with a link to a lot of information. I'm attaching a pdf on the 17 things that helped me get up to speed in woodworking. Like you, I've been doing carpentry, home improvement and maintenance since I was a kid (grew up in a pre 1913 farm house). But now I'm retired and can do more real woodworking.


Thanks Tom. I like furniture. Arts and Crafts style. I like the stability of quartersawn, comes from starting out in metal I think. I am currently working on two Taboret tables as end tables. Also build as I need things. Stands, lamps, cutting board, pizza peel, kind of all over the place. And thanks for the information.
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Hello and welcome to the router forum, Bill
Welcome to the forum, Bill! Don't be shy about asking questions, posting photos, jumping in on discussions, etc. Glad you found us. Show us photos of your shop and tools when you get a minute.

Welcome to the forum Bill
Welcome to the forum, Bill.
Welcome to the forum Bill.
Hi Bill. Welcome to one of the friendliest sites on the net.
Welcome Bill. This is the place that will be of great help as there are tons of people with a good deal of knowledge and craftsmanship. It also is lighthearted and sometimes downright entertaining. Not sure where Stick is but you'll meet him soon enough. When you come looking for insight Stick likely has something to refer you to. And there are plenty others to assist along the way.
Welcome Bill,

You'll find a great bunch of folks here with lots of knowledge.

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