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new to u- countertop building

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I'm new to this forum- I build countertops and am about to invest in a Virutex tilt base laminate trimmer FR292R so I can trim bevelled edges on new and existing tops (resurfacing)- It's been on the market since 2006 but I've never seen one in action, so I've got lots of questions about it.- sells for about $300.00 Cdn. on Any suggestions or comments?
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Hi Paul

Take a hard look at the Colt it will do it all and will take on the PC type guides easy. Bosch PR20EVSNK Colt Installers Kit 5.7 Amp 1 Hp Fixed-Base Variable-Speed Router with 4 Assorted Bases and Edge Guide: Home Improvement


Yes it will do it with the right router bit plus I don't think anyone one wants to get it from the UK.. :( one thing is from the US or CD but it's a no no thing for most I think..

Will it, though, Bob? I have a GKF600 (our version of the Colt) with the extra bases (tilt and offset) and I doubt that it's really as proficient. For example the Colt tilting base won't allow you to do the flat/flush trim of the FR292. I also find the angle setting of the Colt to be much less accurate than that of the Virutex. There's nothing wrong with the Colt per se, but it isn't as efficient for laminate trimming as more specialised tools such as the Virutex. If anyone is doing this to earn a living the Virutex or the Festool MKF700 (with 0° and -1.5° bases) are both well worth considering


Hi Phil

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Hi Bob

UK???? Virutex has a perfectly good importer in the USA.

As to the Colt being as flexible? No way, Jose. The FR292 can do things a Colt can't no matter what tool you stick in it and in other ways the FR292 is much quicker to set-up and use. If you ever get the opportunity to use a Colt side by side with an FR292, Holz-Her 2360 or Festool MKF700 or OFK700 you'll soon see which tools have the edge. I'm not biased against the Colt, I do own one, it's just that I've found out it's limitations

Hi Paul

I was surprised to find the US importer's price for the FR292 was about US $80 (i.e. US $395) above your Canadian price. Looks like at CDN $300 (US $ 315) you've got a good price there


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