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crynoutloud said:
Good afternoon from Atlanta. Just started on a project and would like to get some advise. I bought some white pine 1x10 sides and shelves and 1x12 top which I hope to put a routered edge on. I have sanded it down with a 400 grit sandpaper on a 1/4 sheet sander and am pleased with the finish. Is there something I should do before I put the pre-stain on? It still has some dust even though I've brushed and brushed it off. Also, do you sand the seal or stain?

I read on another thread where someone suggested using a 1x3 of poplar to make some kind of jig before I start using my router. Can anyone elaborate on this or point me to another post? I bought it with a little fancier face and just plan on zipping the three edges of the top shelf. . (1" reveal on sides and front, flush with the back.) I then bought some Luan door skin to make a back surface.

I am just wingining it as I go guys. Any suggestions or comments would be great. BTW- I bought a $99 Ryobi router from home depot.


Howdy Tom and a big welcome to the Router Forum. I too am in the Atlanta area (Hiram).

To answer your first question, I have never bothered sealing wood before I apply stain and mine always comes out perfect. I would simply apply the stain of your choice and let it dry good before applying the finish coats. I normally sand between coats on the finish product.

As far as a jig, you should not really need one to just round your edges. Using a round over bit with the little wheel on the bottom should keep you in line with your shelf surface. Just be sure to keep your router base level on the wood surface and not let it tilt while rounding.

The Ryobi is a good starter router and you should do fine with what you are trying to do with your project. As you get into more complex cuts then you may need jigs and guides, but from the way I read your post you should not need this at this time. After you advance to other complexities, come back and yell for additional assistance and the fine folks here will jump at the chance to give you a hand.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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