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I use quite a bit of pine on kitchens and haven't had a problem with warpage. I use laminated pine and straight panel. Any time I have used pine, aspen, or tamatack from a hardware or home supply centre I have had problems before I even started building with it.

Our ancestors secret was a simple one. Cut your lumber, cross pile it, let it dry naturally for about 14-15 months, (minimum 12) and you won't have any splits or warpage after you build with it.Rough cut, trim, then plane and edge. It's extra work but well worth while. The effort will show in the finished product. Avoid quick changes in temperature and especially humidity. Aspen is far worse than pine not so much for warping as twisting. Once dried naturally, tamatack won't give you any problems at all. I have never found good tamarack at a supply centre.

I usually finish these woods with a clear finish called "REZ". I like to show the natural color and grain of the wood. I don't use any sealer or conditioner. I'm not sure whether climate or drying method would affect that or not.

The main reason we find very few antique items of soft wood that have survived is the change in temperature and humidity. I have a friend in the antique business who bought a dresser in Scotland for a hefty price. It was in perfect condition. Once it arrived at his warehouse here in Canada within 2 weeks the wood had split and the piece was worthless. Surely climate in that senario. However you build it, have fun with it. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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