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Hello Embo, welcome to the forum. Before you start shopping, you need to get the terminolgy correct. Fractions like 4/4 are used in hardwood, and refers to the lumber in the rough, each quarter being 1/4" of the thickness. 4/4 is a board 1 inch thick, 8/4
would be a board 2 inches thick. Prices are usually given in a board foot. A board foot
is would be a board 4/4 thick by 12 inches long and 12 inches wide. But since the width of hard wood is usually random the, it could be two boards that are 6 inches wide 1" thick and 12" long. A board 2 inches thick is 8/4 and a board foot could be
6 inches wide and 12 " long, which is the equivalent of the 4/4 inch board in the example given above. It also pays to find out how the company ships and who pays the shipping, or if it is included in the price. Hope this helps. Woodnut65
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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