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Embo, it is a good idea to list your city/state or provence on your profile. This way you get meaningful answers when asking about where to buy. We have members world wide so a great price from Template Tom in Australia wont do you a bit of good. Since you have a Lowes and an 84 lumber I am guessing somewhere in the midwest US? Check to see if there is a Woodcraft or Rockler store near you. They carry decent hardwood and exotic woods. Your local lumber yard may not stock hardwood but will be happy to order it in for you and this can save a bunch of money on the shipping. There are also suppliers like Millcraft in Flint, MI who build custom cabinets and millwork who will also sell you rough or dimensioned lumber. Van ***** is an online company that sells restoration hardware and wooden components for restoring antiques. Nothing says you can't save some time and money by purchasing table aprons, sliding leaf supports, pedestals or even a table top premilled and then customize it. Wood magazine has their online "Wood mall" which features suppliers of lumber and all manner of hardware.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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