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Embo; trying to do fine woodworking without a planer and a jointer would be very challenging. In the kindest way possible I'm strongly suggesting that you do a bit of reading up on woodworking...the library should have loads of good books on the topic.
A nightshool course on woodworking would be another great avenue to check out. Well worth the money.
Incidentally, you can do both planing and jointing manually, with hand planes, but again, learned skills and requiring investing in a couple of good quality planes and sharpening equipment. This is not a cheap hobby!

As for 'face' and 'edge' you normally joint one face absolutely flat, then one edge straight and at exactly 90deg. to the flat face. This is now your reference line/point for width measuring.
Now you can run it through the planer which will make both faces parallel to each other and the correct thickness. The tablsaw will rip your wood to the exact width you want (allowing a bit over for planing and sanding). All of the above can be done with the hand planes but it's pretty time consuming...but very satisfying!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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