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Hello everyone. I am just getting into woodworking. I am planning to make some fairly simple furniture. I have some experience with rough carpentry, but not furniture.
I am wondering where the best place to get nice wood is. The only place I know of near me is Lowe's, and the furniture-grade wood seems rather expensive. One of the items I would like to make is a dining table, and just for the wood for the top (of 1" maple) would be $120.
There aren't any Home Depots near me. There is an 84 Lumber, but I believe they only sell construction grade lumber (correct me if I'm wrong please). The yellow pages don't have any other listing for lumber.
I found a place on the internet that is somewhat close to me that sells hardwoods. The website is
I am trying to figure out the price list.

For expample, it says for plainsawn hard maple:
Below are prices/ board foot of plain sawn lumber

Hard Maple_______________________________________________

facing and planing the lumber costs .50/surface foot, or edge 2 sides for .10/lineal foot.

Does the 4/4 mean a 1" board that is 4" wide and 4 feet long? An the 8/4 is 1" board that is 4" wide and 8 feet long?
If the prices are per board foot, does that mean the 4/4 board would be $1 per foot? I don't think this is right because it seems too cheap.
Overall, do the prices above seem reasonable?

Thanks for any help you can provide me. I'm sure I will have a lot more questions later, but first I need to figure out where to get the wood from.

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thanks for the info guys. I now understand what the dimensions mean. I actually live close to the place that i found those prices for. So i could just go get them and not have to pay for shipping. i live outside of morgantown, wv.
Also, for a decent looking table top, what grade should i get?
it has listed:

it says facing and planing costs .50 cents per board foot or edge on both sides for $0.10. I don't have a planer or jointer and i don't plan on buying one. so i guess i would have to have this done when i order it. Planing is the thickness of the board, and the edge on both sides would be what the jointer does, correct? What does facing mean? is that the end of the board?
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